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What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

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What is Reiki?

When I first heard of Reiki, it sounded pretty out there. Like woo woo on steroids; I just couldn’t get my head around it. All I had to do was lie down on a table, close my eyes, someone would lay their hands lightly on me and I’d get up feeling heaps better?

Yeah, right.

I worked in the fitness industry for years and was used to the hard slog of diets, exercise regimes and health supplements as a way of ‘feeling good’. The idea that doing ‘nothing’ would help me feel healthier on a physical, emotional and mental level, seemed ridiculous.

After my first experience of Reiki though, there was no doubt: this stuff works. Its effects were profound and I needed to know more.

No really, what is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice originating in Japan. It is based on the science of energy and the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself. The word ‘reiki’ is loosely translated as ‘universal life energy’, an energy which exists within and all around us. The practice of Reiki involves transmitting or balancing that energy, through the specific placement of my hands on or above a recipient’s body. Through this transmission and balancing, my clients can feel a greater sense of emotional and mental ease, have emotional breakthroughs and even alleviate physical pain.

Quantum physics and Reiki

Despite how woo-woo-crazy it sounds, there is scientific evidence to support the practice of Reiki and the balancing of energy within our bodies. It’s no secret that our entire universe is made up of energy: quantum physicists have been proving this since Einstein showed empty space was not ‘nothing’ over a century ago. Basically, quantum physics explains how everything in our universe works: it is the best description we have of the nature of particles making up matter and the forces with which they interact. It underlies how atoms work, and so why chemistry and biology work as they do. If you want to explain how electrons move through a computer chip or even just how the sun keeps burning, you’ll need to use quantum physics.

Put simply, quantum physicists have proven that everything within our universe including you, me and the dining room chair, is made up of atoms, and atoms are -you guessed it- energy. The wind, our soft furnishings, the car you drive and the road you drive on: it’s all energy.

Yep, Maggie. That’s great. But what does this have to do with you practising Reiki on me?

How does Reiki work?

Energy needs to flow to work properly. Trying to make toast when the electrical supply to your toaster is cut off, will not result in toast any time soon. If you want to listen to a particular radio station, but tune it to the wrong frequency then you’re not going to be hearing the latest hits. Just static. It also doesn’t matter how many times you turn the light switch on and off: if that tiny wire in the bulb has snapped you’re in the dark. Within that same principle, if there are places within your body where your energetic ‘wires’ have snapped, don’t line up or the switch is blocked, energy will not flow. Your light switched is on, but the house is dark.

Blockages within your energy flow might make you feel anything from a little blah to full blown depression. It could take the form of physical pain or an inability to move past an incident from your past. Any emotions which don’t feel good are a symptom of poor energy flow.

Reiki works to unblock those stoppages and allow the energy to flow again.

Reiki Is About Tuning To Energetic Frequency

When I explained why distant reiki could be just as good as a hands on session, I used the metaphor of your bodily energy being like a mobile phone or radio. (Find out about the power of disant Reiki here) A mobile phone can only make calls if it can make a connection to a communications tower or satellite and a radio can only play music if it is tuned to a specific station. Instead of ensuring your mobile phone can connect to a tower or satellite or tuning your radio to a certain frequency, you are tuned to me, Maggie McGary. I am the transducer, the Reiki Girl tower or radio station knob which tunes your body to universal life energy. Instead of being tuned to static, Reiki helps you align your experience to that symphony or rock song in full surround sound.

Why should I have Reiki?

If you want to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally, Reiki is an excellent way of balancing your innate life force. A session with Reiki Girl can have the following effects:

  • aid relaxation
  • assist the body’s natural healing processes
  • support and comfort wellbeing
  • help cope with difficulties and stress

I’m not saying Reiki will cure your depression, fix your relationship with your father or completely eradicate the pain of a serious sports injury, but it will certainly help. Put simply, Reiki helps to turn your inner light back on by balancing your energy through a highly attuned regulator.

Why I love Reiki

When I lay down on the table for my first Reiki treatment, I was looking to improve my overall health: physical, mental and emotional. What I got, was a glimpse into how out of alignment my energy was, and how wonderful I could feel when those blockages were released. And the best thing about Reiki? It is wonderful to receive, and almost better to give.

Book a session for an hour of energetic attunement with me, or follow this link to find out how you can learn the practice of Reiki yourself. 

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