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Over the course of the past 15 years, Energy Healer & Reiki Master Maggie McGary has attracted relationships, experiences and a lifestyle which can be summed up in one word: idyllic.

Living in paradise certainly helps to draw effective and positive energy for her Reiki practice, with the natural surroundings of Noosa providing an excellent backdrop to the strong healing energies she has discovered and honed.

The source energy radiates from within her, a feeling her clients gain the moment she begins her focussed Reiki and Energy Healing sessions and one her friends and family feel the pleasure of on a daily basis.

On a personal level, Maggie knows all about blocked energy and the intuitive feeling that something just isn’t quite right. But after a lifelong journey, she has found ways to release negative energy and live the most joyous life possible, something she has now devoted herself to helping others achieve.

Orphaned as a baby, adopted and raised on the dry, sweeping farmlands of the Darling Downs, Maggie’s journey toward reiki and energy healing can be traced through a pitted history of raging anger at her early abandonment, the questioning of her true purpose and on to an unrelenting desire to feel better physically, emotionally and eventually, energetically.

The emotional rollercoasters (including the ride called Eat All The Chocolate and the one right next to it, Chardonnay Binge) were gradually replaced with what is now a blissful, health driven existence in Noosa.

Her progression through guided healing, a voracious appetite for knowledge and education about our energetic worlds and her acceptance of them has culminated in her fulfilment to heal others, acting as a positive influence in this world as a Reiki Master practitioner, energy healer and now Reiki Teacher.

Perhaps her greatest asset however, is her groundedness, her ‘down to earth’ nature and her joyful, easy-going approach to energy, life and our acceptance of our own actions and feelings.

Maggie is not a woman who views Reiki and energy healing as simply a passing phase in a world obsessed with the next best thing in health, but as an infinite source of strength, restoration, optimism and joy. She can see the humour in being someone who is employed as “an agent of woo-woo,” but remains steadfast in her belief in source energy and her passion and practice as a Reiki Master and Teacher.

Her vision is to increase global awareness of Reiki and promote it, so it becomes people’s first choice in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.  Her Reiki courses take this one step further and empower people to heal themselves, then go on to heal others.

*** Please note I am taking a short break and will return in February 2022 ***


Initial Session and Consultation: $110

Subsequent Sessions: $90

3 x 1hr Pack: $225

Distant Energy Healing: $75 (available by appointment)

Mondays & Tuesdays

Reiki at Lashings Eyestylist

Shop 32, Bay Village, 18 Hastings Street, Noosa

** Please note I am taking a short break and will return in Feb 2022 **


Reiki at Home

182 Shorehaven Drive, Noosaville 4566

** Please note I am taking a short break and will return Feb 2022 **




Reiki Level 1 Course

Wednesday 18th August

Course Cost: $360
Innovative Retreat-Style One Day Course
2 x Online Training Sessions
Reiki Level 1 opens and clears your own energy channels. This level focuses strongly on self healing and the physical. It is the means to teach the foundation principles and practices of Reiki. When you are initiated into Level 1 practice you are then a channel for Reiki and you can use it for healing yourself and others.

Reiki Level 1 Incorporates:

The history and principles of Reiki
What Reiki is and how it works
The human energy field
Healing with Reiki
How to perform a full Reiki treatment
Healing the self and Healing others
Reiki Level 1 Attunements

Reiki Level 1 benefits include:

Increased vitality and creativity
Increased sense of peace and well-being
Increased resilience and strength
Increased balance in all areas of life and on all levels of being
Increased clarity and intuition
Better sleep patterns
Initiates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing of the self
Stronger sense of self and purpose.

Click HERE for more information

To book phone Maggie 0418 622 173



Reiki Level 2 Course

Wednesday 15th September

Course Cost: $360
Innovative Retreat-Style One Day Course
2 x Online Training Sessions

Reiki level 2 intensifies Reiki energy and provides you with the method to practice distance(absentee) treatments. Level 2 also brings extended focus to healing on the mental – emotional level. Ancient symbols are introduced to the practitioner at this level and are then used consciously with Reiki treatments.

Reiki Level 2 Incorporates:

Symbols of Reiki (definitions and purpose)
Methods for treating at a distance (absentee) and on the Mental & emotional level
Heightened potency of Reiki energy for healing

Reiki Level 2 benefits include:

Increased Reiki energy
Ability to use Reiki to heal at a distance
Increased understanding of the uses and power of Reiki healing
Increased intuition and self healing

Click HERE for more information

To book phone Maggie 0418 622 173



Hi Maggie page1image41782944Iʼm doing good xx thank you so much for the session, it was such a good experience and when you are back next I would love to see you again
Thank you”

Hey Maggie, I felt pretty emotional yesterday but I had the best nights sleep.
I felt much more at peace today. Itʼs been a stressful day from a 2hr meeting at school but I was able to hold myself together.
Also no heartburn today. Thank you

Hi Maggie feeling good. Thank you again for the session, I felt like I was floating afterwards, such a calming experience

Still feeling pretty “happy”.
I noticed last night I didnʼt have any tension in my neck and shoulders and yes I slept really well.
Thank-you so much for your wonderful care.

I had been suffering with aggressive eczema for eight months and had tried other healing modalities but nothing helped. Maggie’s “magic” hands cleared it up entirely within four weeks with miraculous results after only one session – it was extraordinary! Maggie is an incredible Reiki healer and clearly loves what she does and is very caring towards her clients.

Other amazing benefits I experienced were powerful emotional and spiritual breakthroughs which have led to major lifestyle improvements. Maggie is a truly beautiful soul and a gifted Reiki healer and I am so grateful to her for the positive impact she has had on my life.

Thank you Maggie xxx

I was going through a very difficult time in my life when I saw Maggie for a Reiki treatment.

Her ever so gentle, nurturing presence helped me release negative emotions and fears surrounding my problem and allowed me to gain clarity and direction.

I left the treatment feeling lighter, calmer and more in control.

Thank you Maggie xx

Just had The Most Amazing Reiki Treatment with the very beautiful Maggie McGary.
Highly Recommended!!

I’m walking on fluffy clouds singing rainbows lollipops & sunshine 🌈🍭🌞… Blissed Out 😉
Thankyou Maggie 🙏🏻😘x

I was sceptical about distance healing at first, but after one session with Maggie I was hooked. I don’t try to understand it, but all I can tell you is to try it because this great lady gets results.

I’ve had 2 reiki sessions with Maggie, these have been my first introduction to this treatment and I was astounded in both outcomes of the sessions.

Maggie is passionate about reiki and this shows in her treatments. I will definitely be back for more.

Well done Maggie and thanks for your professionalism.

Whenever I have a session with Maggie I leave feeling clear, calm, relaxed and just in the most beautiful state of being. I highly recommend her to anyone.

What can I say, she’s INCREDIBLE.

I feel so relaxed and calm after each session.

It’s like I’ve just had a massage that lasted for about 8 hours!

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