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How Reiki Helps With Family

How Reiki Helps with Family

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How Reiki Helps with Family

From awkward family gatherings to getting out the door on time without the yelling, being with our family can sometimes be a stressful affair. I’ve experienced the gamut of negative emotions with my extended family (who hasn’t?) and have definitely been guilty of losing my cool over and over again on a school morning. Sometimes I’d just throw my hands up in the air and storm off to seethe in the car, waiting for the lunch with my extended family to be over, or tamp down those emotions of frustration and irritation as everyone slowly found their shoes before we could leave the house.
I don’t do that anymore.

Now, family life is smoother, more joyful and much, much less stressful… for everyone! Through using Reiki, that positive energy finds its way into my home and interactions in a way that is incredibly beneficial: the innate wisdom of Reiki means it goes where it’s needed most. Through using distant Reiki on others, self-Reiki and sending Reiki into places and experiences, I’ve managed to de-stress my family life… so much more effectively than huffing, puffing and stamping my foot ever did!

Want actual uses? Here’s some examples of how I’ve used Reiki to totally transform my family interactions.
  • Each morning, I do a self-Reiki treatment on myself. But before I get up, I also send that beautiful Reiki energy out to my girls, my husband, the kitchen and the morning. Whilst doing this, I like to set an intention that the morning will be calm and an affirmation that everything is perfect as it is.
  • Before any interaction with my extended family, which I sense might be difficult or triggering, I remind myself of whichever of the Five Principles seems most pertinent.
  • Following on from the point above, I’ve sent Reiki energy into events before I even arrive. Sending Reiki into those usually awkward, boring and even tense family gatherings not only calms me, but transforms the day into one of positive energy and connection, rather than silence or shouting. You probably won’t be singing Kum Ba Ya around the campfire, but you won’t come away feeling emotionally battered either.
  • I perform Reiki treatments on my kids at bed time, helping them to calm down and drift into deep sleep.
  • Performing a self-Reiki treatment on myself before I call a relative -even one I love dearly, but who may be quite negative- allows me to maintain a positive outlook, and come away from the phone call in a state of ease, not anxiety or anger.
  • When an interaction suddenly escalates, I have removed myself from the room physically or turned away and closed my eyes for a moment, performed Reiki on myself and then sent it into the space where the escalation is taking place. I feel more grounded, have clarity on how to deal with the situation. My return in a state of calm along with the Reiki energy generally diffuses the negativity in the room.

Healing with Reiki is not just about clearing energetic blocks within you. It’s about aligning your energy and the energy surrounding you with those gorgeous universal life force energies, the ones that are calm, joyous and productive.

I have worked with many children and parents especially who have found that Reiki has led to a calmer, happier home life. I’d love to hear how you’ve used Reiki to make a less-stressful home environment!

If you’re interested in a calmer family environment (especially on that school run), have a look at my upcoming Level 1 courses.

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