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Men And Reiki

Men and Reiki

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Men and Reiki

I’m going to drop a little truth bomb here.

Reiki is not just for women. In fact, it is really, really beneficial for men. Perhaps even more so than for their female counterparts.
Is everyone okay?

I know, it can be a hard concept for some of us to wrap our heads around: even for me. I’ve given lots of men (including my husband) Reiki treatments only to have them fall asleep on the table within minutes of starting. Initially it left me wondering whether they were just tired?! But over time, it’s become clear that there’s one specific and simple reason why Reiki is so beneficial for our male counterparts.

For men, Reiki can be a much more successful way of working through negative feelings and energy than any amount of ‘talking it through’ can provide. Why? Because men aren’t built to gab and Reiki as energy healing is usually performed in silence.

Women are much more prone to talking about their true feelings and gaining some kind of emotional or energetic release from that. The stereotypical male will clam up the moment a discussion about how they feel is broached. And the more you try to pry them open, especially if that particular man feels obligated to expose himself verbally in a way that feels uncomfortable, the less likely a positive outcome will be attained. Just remember, not everyone wants to talk about their feelings: being emotionally reserved is not a crime!

Men can express themselves in very different ways to women, but that’s not to say they never do. Ask a man about something he’s interested in (cars, fishing, rock bands or my personal favourite, cricket) and most will talk for hours. Just ask about his feelings if you want him to stop.

So why does Reiki work so well as a healing modality for men? It allows for the exploration of their inner emotions without the uncomfortable upfront discussion or verbalisation of their concerns in a safe, gentle and ultimately effective healing session. The experience transcends to a higher plain of comforting interaction, one that touches our deepest energetic connection, clears away the blockages and allows vitality to return in a way that can rarely be attained with verbalised words.

When I give a man a Reiki treatment for the first time, they are usually very reserved, maybe a little curious or perhaps incredulous that they’ve even found themselves here. But afterwards, they sit up (or wake up!) and are blown away, energetically speaking. They feel deeply refreshed, more positive and energised. It’s a far cry from the outcome of an attempted verbal discussion of their inner most feelings. The transformation can be amazing, and simply proves that Reiki is an effective healing modality that precludes our physical ability to verbalise.

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