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Learn Reiki To Use In Everyday Life

Learn Reiki to use in everyday life

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Learn Reiki to use in everyday life

You can use Reiki every single day in every single aspect of your life. Full Stop. *drops microphone*

Honestly, I’ve tried to write this email to you in about five different ways, looking at how I could frame the fact that you can incorporate and learn Reiki into every part of your day-to-day life. Maybe I could talk about how I use Reiki at home on my kids, balancing their energy as I kiss them good night? What about that time I sent Reiki energy onto the plane I was travelling in to Bali, when I got the best seat, the friendliest cabin crew and the smoothest flight? Or something much more personal, like how I use Reiki on myself to move energy blocks (sometimes those blocks are just about getting motivated to do the housework!)?

The examples milled around and I couldn’t focus on any one that seemed to definitively show how Reiki can be incorporated into every day life. Here are some more examples:

Got a headache? Reiki it.
Worried about that meeting? Reiki it.
Going on a long car trip? Reiki it.
Can’t seem to shift a feeling of anxiety? Reiki it.
Kids upset with the lack of chocolate in the house? Reiki it.

Just kidding on that last one; I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough Reiki in the world to distract my children from chocolate once the idea is in their heads! However, Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality you can utilise in all aspects of your day-to-day life.

On a personal level, you can shift your own energy blocks, calm yourself and even channel healing Reiki into those areas of the body in pain, and those parts of your mind and soul requiring a positive energy boost. I’ve given myself a self-Reiki treatment at home, in the car and on a park bench. I’ve used it as part of a self-healing regime, a calming dose of the ‘You Got This’s’ before a big meeting, or just when I’m waiting for the kids at school pick up. I walk through my day with the knowledge that the universe has my back, and that Reiki is on hand to help whenever I need it.

I also use Reiki with my family, on my pets and will send it to anyone I know who’s having a rough time, facing a challenge or is nervous about something (after I’ve asked their permission of course).

My kids love a mini treatment before bed time, and I’ve given countless distant Reiki healings to friends at all times of the day. For me, this is so much more helpful and useful than simply sending a text that says ‘Let me know if I can help.’ Because I know I can help with Reiki. And it helps me to be calmer! My girls are playing competitive sport, and I know I can use Reiki to soothe them when they’re injured or getting thrashed on the court.

I’ll send Reiki into the doctor’s surgery before a procedure, into a plane before I get on it, the office or even to my computer when I’ve got a big online call or meeting scheduled (computers need love too :P). Sometimes, my home feels a little disjointed or flat, and I’ll find a quiet moment to channel Reiki into every corner, restoring its calm and comforting energy.

First and foremost, people are coming to learn Reiki to heal themselves and then they go on to heal others if they choose (and not necessarily as a Reiki Practitioner).

And the best part? Becoming attuned and learning about Reiki requires little more than a few hours of your time and an open mind!

To find out more how you can learn Reiki, I currently have limited places available for my upcoming courses. Find out more:

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