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Never Had A Reiki Session? Here’s What Happens…

Never had a Reiki session? Here’s what happens…

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Never had a Reiki session? Here’s what happens…

Remember Uncle Ray? The one who was traumatised by an explanation of the sacral chakra from a few emails ago? Well, his wife, Auntie Daphne, was secretly very intrigued by this whole Reiki thing and went home from the family gathering wondering what it was all about. Questions flew around her head:
  • What happened exactly in a treatment- did she sit or lie down? (Depends.)
  • Would her diabetes be cured? (Unlikely.)
  • Did she have to get undressed and wear those awful disposable panties they gave her at that Day spa thing? (Absolutely not!)
  • Was it a massage? (Not really.)
  • Would there be a nice smelling humidifier like at the podiatrists? (Only if she’s lucky.)
It was all very mysterious.
Of course, giving and receiving a Reiki session is truly divine, but for those who have never experienced a session, it can sound enigmatic and intriguing at best, bizarre and even frightening at worst. If you’re standing in the latter category, let me allay your fears: Reiki does no harm in any way.
Here is the procedure on how a full body Reiki session might normally go for the recipient.
  1. You will enter a calm and clean room. There might be a few photos of Usui, the founder of Reiki, and his fellow teachers on display as well as some crystals. Low and soothing music might be playing, perhaps a candle might be lit and the scent of essential oils.
  2. There will most likely be a comfortable massage table in the middle of the room which you will lie down on face up, with your clothes on (if this is too difficult physically, there will be a chair for a seated Reiki treatment). Your Reiki practitioner might offer you a blanket, eye mask or a bolster for under your knees. Making you comfortable is paramount here: this session should be one of complete relaxation, inner healing and restoration.
  3. Your Reiki practitioner will then ask you to close your eyes as she/he begins the session (Hint: this is the really good part), and place their hands very lightly on certain parts of your body (you will be fully clothed).
  4. They will usually begin on the crown of your head before moving to shoulders, arms and hands, chest, stomach, legs and feet. Many practitioners do not place their hands directly onto the chest and stomach areas, and will simply hold their hands just above. This will take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.
  5. During the session, the practitioner will be channelling Reiki (Universal Life Force) energy through to you, removing or alleviating any energetic blocks you may have present in your body.
  6. You might experience a relaxed sensation for the duration or even fall asleep. You might feel tingling, goosebumps or the presence of your ancestors. None of this is wrong or right: the Reiki is simply doing what it needs to do to allow energy to flow more freely.
  7. At the end, the practitioner might put their hand on your shoulder and say ‘Welcome back’ or chime a bell. They will then generally leave the room so you can collect yourself, and perhaps return with a glass of water.
  8. You should leave feeling restored, calm and relaxed.

It sounds pretty awesome, right? One of our team uses this description to explain a Reiki session: ‘It’s like getting a gentle massage for your soul.’

PS: Aunt Daphne was disappointed to find out that her Reiki session did not cure her diabetes, but she does feel calmer and is ready to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

PPS: For an actual account of a true sceptic’s first Reiki session, check out my article HERE

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