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Receiving Distant Reiki: Does It Work?

Receiving Distant Reiki: Does It Work?

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Receiving Distant Reiki: Does It Work?

Melinda Uys, an amazing client of mine, explains in her own words why distant reiki really works…

I’ve been receiving Reiki treatments for over three years and am a firm believer in their efficacy. I always get off the table feeling relaxed and much calmer. Sometimes I’ve had ‘visitors’, sometimes I’ve seen angel like creatures, and sometimes nothing much happens at all. However, the feeling of lying down and having gentle hands press on my head, arms and legs, the sense of energy shifting and clearing has always been wonderful, like a massage for my soul and a blowing away of the cobwebs enveloping my mind and intentions. It feels like the zigzag course I’ve gradually fallen into since my last session is straightened out, and I’m heading in the right direction once again.

When pandemic measures came into place here in Australia, everywhere I turned I was faced with negativity, hand-wringing and worse, the possibility of having absolutely no time to myself as my children were sent home from school for an indeterminate period. Throw a husband at a loose end in and an inability to be within 2 metres of anyone else and suddenly, I was in a reasonable low state.

I needed a reiki fix. And I definitely couldn’t wait six months to get out of isolation to receive it.

When Maggie from Reiki Girl offered a distant healing as an alternative to my usual hands on session, I was dubious. I’d receive distant healings before and felt calmer and more relaxed, but it certainly wasn’t the transformative experience I was used to getting on the reiki table. We chatted this through: Maggie suggested I honour myself a little more than doing the dishes while she was performing the distant reiki. Yeah, I might have been completing the housework the last time she did one because: multi-tasking.

What is distant reiki?

Distant reiki is when your reiki practitioner performs a healing reiki session on you without actually laying hands on you, or being in the same room, town or even hemisphere. One of the principles of reiki in regards to energy, is that there is no time or space. Since we’re all made up of energy, it doesn’t matter if Maggie, as the conduit of that universal life force, is near me or not. She will ‘tap’ into that life force and then energetically ‘tap’ into me, releasing my blocks and helping that universal life force flow through me.


Here’s another way of looking at it. Radios operate on a frequency. If you want to listen to Life Force 101.1 FM, you have to be tuned to that specific number and frequency. Once you are, you can listen to people speaking from all over the world in real time, as though they were in the room with you. Reiki Girl is the tuner. She dials in to that Life Force 101.1 frequency and blasts whatever your universal life force has to say into your energy because that energy exists beyond the confines of time and space, just like a radio signal.

The important bit here is that she doesn’t need to be in the room with you. She doesn’t even need to be in the same postcode for you to have an amazing reiki treatment as I found out. However, you do need to do a little preparation.

Getting ready for your distant reiki treatment.

Turns out, going about your daily iso-grind and receiving a distant reiki treatment at the same time is pretty good. But if you want to really get the most out of your 30 minutes of being energetically healed by a reiki master, you need to go to a bit of effort too. The wonderful thing is that this ‘effort’ is actually way less than what you’d go through actually getting to the Reiki Girl treatment rooms.

We arranged a time and Maggie rang about half an hour before we were to begin. ‘Make this time about honouring yourself, a half hour of self-love just for you,’ she suggested and asked that I prepare the following:

  • Let everyone in the house know that you need them to be quiet and that these 30 minutes are now yours alone. Put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Close the blinds.
  • Surround yourself with any crystals you like.
  • Make yourself comfortable on the bed.
  • Listen to some soothing music.
  • Take a few deep breaths and allow the reiki to work.

Really, that took about five minutes. Driving to the Reiki Girl rooms in itself usually takes me 15 minutes, not to mention the palaver of getting out of house-bound clothes and showering. I’d saved myself almost an hour already. Now to see whether it would be anything like an in-person session.

The Distant Reiki Girl experience.

I laid down the law to the household, darkened my room and lay down on my very comfortable bed. My music started, I took a few deep breaths and immediately felt the reiki blanket gently fall down over my body. Mesmerising lights, tingling sensations throughout my chest and bursts like a rubber band being gently flicked occurred seemingly at random across my body. At one point I felt pressure on my foot, at another, it felt like there was a caring hand pressing the left side of my temple. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’d ever had.

The music stopped and I stretched out, sat up and was stunned. I’d been somewhere else for the last 30 minutes and had returned, calmer, energy flowing freely and a sense of peace that was most definitely not there when I first lay down. The distant reiki had worked unequivocally, perhaps even better than a hands-on session. How could this be?

Why is distant reiki so effective?

I spoke to Maggie afterward and as we discussed the foot touching (she could feel pain -I have plantar fasciitis- and a blockage there) and a series of energy releases, I asked how this could possibly be just as good if not better than a physical session. She laughed a little and reminded me of the ‘there is no time and space’ thing, but then said on a practical level, the amount of distractions for both her as the practitioner and me as the receiver, were so much less.

She explained further: ‘When I do distant reiki, I get more messages and feelings because I shut out pretty much all sensation and go into a much deeper sense of channelling energy. I’m not distracted by the body in front of me. If you move your hand during a physical session, my concentration tapers a little as I wonder about why you’re moving that hand. Are you uncomfortable? Have you fallen asleep? Was it involuntary? In distant, I’m much more focused on your energy: the distraction of you in your physical body just isn’t there.’

She went to explain that as the receiver, I’m not focused on dealing with the room around me, or the traffic on the way there or whether her hands are cold to start with. I can focus in on the reiki too, which leads to a more effective experience for me.

Plus, no one’s wondering whether the other has COVID or not.

The verdict.

Am I converted to distant reiki? Yes: it was every bit as good as hands on reiki. Will I never physically attend another reiki session? No, I will go again when we’re allowed out of the house. There is something magical about human touch, of having healing hands lay themselves on you. Something about the hug at the end of a physical reiki session and that beaming, smiling face and pure, joyful energy Maggie exudes. I’ll definitely still turn up for that.

But in the meantime, distant reiki with Reiki Girl is an excellent way of clearing those pesky isolation blocks. I would absolutely use it in the future too, when I’m too busy to take an hour or two out of my day for a physical reiki session but still want the benefit of a supercharged universal life force conduit channelling beautiful energy to me. I’ve absolutely got 30 minutes for that!

It’s a yes from me.

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