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Is Distant Reiki Better Than A Hands On Session?

Is Distant Reiki Better Than A Hands On Session?

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Is Distant Reiki Better Than A Hands On Session?

I love the act of practicing reiki on my beautiful Reiki Girl clients. Not only do I get to feel universal energy flow through me and them, but hearing how I’ve helped them afterwards is simply amazing. Speaking of where energy was unblocked, how they feel and what the session might mean for them moving forward is just as rewarding as the treatment itself. The look of relaxation on their face, the words of gratitude, increased sense of happiness and seeing their body move more freely: serving others in this way makes me sing! On the inside that is. I only have to use my actual singing voice once to be handed the choir tambourine. (Seriously, I can’t hold a tune!)

When self-isolation and quarantine became a way of life here in Noosa, I was at first frustrated for my exiting clients at Reiki Girl. So many were making wonderful steps toward hugely positive transformations. How would I be able to continue serving them if I couldn’t physically put my hands on them? I already knew the power of distant healing but many of my clients did not.

The power of distant reiki.

When Australians were ordered to self-isolate, I moved almost all of my clients to distant reiki healing sessions. At first, this was a necessity due to self-isolation rules. There was no way I could conduct a session in the Reiki Girl rooms and maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times. I would simply have to concentrate my energies on promoting distant reiki. It became apparent very quickly that this kind of healing held more value in releasing blocked energies and effecting greater feelings of calm, relaxation and renewal than a hands on session could. It has honed my reiki practice and resulted in even better outcomes. Reiki Girl clients reported tingling sensations of energy being released more often, heart chakras opening more fully. Even I was able to connect more deeply with the universal life energy I was channelling. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery!

I have found that distant reiki can be more powerful than hands on reiki for a number of reasons:

  • Energy transcends time and space.

At the core of reiki is the knowledge that we’re all simply energy, a fact proven by quantum physics. This energy moves without being confined by time and space. When radios, microwaves and mobile phones first came onto the market, it was difficult to believe that frequency waves (or energy) could offer so much to our lives. How could a frequency heat something physical? Or transfer huge amounts of information? How could a frequency allow us to hear someone speak in real time from a radio studio just down the road or on a completely different continent?

Reiki works in a similar fashion. Instead of tuning your radio to a certain frequency, you are tuned to me, Maggie McGary. I then become a transducer, or radio station antenna, which tunes your body to universal life energy. And just as distance is not an obstacle for mobile phones or radios, it’s not an obstacle in my practise either.

  • The Distant Reiki Practitioner is more powerfully focused on you.

During a normal hands on session, there are any number of distractions for the practitioner. Is the client warm enough? Is their leg painful? I want to help release the blocked energy but I don’t want to cause them discomfort by placing my hands too heavily on that leg. Those dogs across the road are barking. I hope my dogs don’t join them, you get the idea. During a distant Reiki Girl session however, none of that is present. I can completely focus on my client and shut out the physical world. I’m able to concentrate every atom of my being on channelling universal energy to that client.

  • The Reiki Girl Client is more relaxed and comfortable in their own surroundings, improving the efficacy of the session.

Just as I can be momentarily distracted in a reiki session, so to can the client. They might be focused on the essential oils diffusing in the Reiki Girl rooms. Perhaps it’s the swish of my clothing as I move around the table. Are you feeling a little cold? Or is the client about to be disturbed from a wonderful energetic moment because of those bloody dogs barking across the road. My Reiki Girl rooms have a beautifully nurturing energy, but it is also an unfamiliar space. When clients lie down in a room of their choosing they can focus wholly on their own energy. Meanwhile, I’m focused wholly on channelling the universal life force to release energy blocks in my own space. The results are often better than in person.

  • Reiki Girl just became more convenient and adaptive.

Distant reiki transcends time and space, which really, is pretty darned convenient for Reiki Girl clients. Some of my clients prefer to start the day with a reiki session- at 6:00am. Others like to remove energy blocks during their 45 minute lunch break. Some don’t care, just as long as I have time for them somewhere in my day. Distant reiki allows me to serve Reiki Girl clients when and where it’s convenient for them. They can quite literally leave their office, walk to a quiet space, receive an amazing reiki treatment and be back at their desk to eat lunch! Distant reiki also means I don’t have to scare my children by dressing up in a HAZMAT suit during COVID. This is the ultimate in adapting to change!

Why I love distant reiki and you will too.

It brings me absolute joy to contact my Reiki Girl clients after their distant reiki session and discuss the wonderful feelings and breakthroughs they’ve just experienced. To share the feelings I experienced and provide words which might guide them further in their energetic journey is a privilege. I LOVE serving others and am delighted distant reiki is just as effective if not more so, than hands-on reiki.

My role as reiki practitioner is to act as a conduit and tune your body to the universal life energy. You will feel better energetically, increase your sense of happiness, become relaxed and free yourself of physical pain. Get in touch and we can start on your journey to inner peace together, whilst maintaining the safety of being more than 2 metres apart!

By Maggie McGary

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